Crime Prevention

Neighborhood Watch

Dear Neighbors,
It is really important that we look out for one another. Please let someone know if you are out of town. If you see anything that you question do not hesitate to call police non emergency 371-0160. They will always come and check things out.

Susan Smith

Mark Wood
D.A.R.E./Crime Prevention Officer
Brentwood Police Department
Office: 371-2267
Fax: 661-7072
Dispatch Non-emergency 371-0160

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Recent Crimes in Our Area

Be aware of who is in our neighborhood. The following is an incident that took place in November 2017 as told by an officer of the Brentwood PD.

  • Between November 14th and 15th a red 2011 Ford F-150 was stolen from the driveway on Pin Oak Lane. The truck was parked in the driveway with the keys inside.
  • During that same general time frame we had several theft from vehicle reports in the area. Those were reported on Brass Valley Drive, Retreat Pass and Upper Stow Court.
  • A witness observed a suspect vehicle at one of the thefts from vehicle incidents which was described as a red Ford F-150.
  • On November 22nd BPD Detectives working with Mt. Juliet PD Detectives recovered the Ford F-150 and another stolen vehicle from Brentwood in the Hermitage area of Nashville.
  • Property was located inside the recovered Ford F-150 which was linked to the theft from vehicle incidents, including the incident on Upper Stow Ct.
  • Our Property and Evidence Custodian, Officer Bill Reape, contacted the victim on Upper Stow Ct. yesterday in order to return the property that was located inside the recovered stolen Ford F-150.
  • The recovered property was returned to the owner this morning. (12/13/2017)

Please encourage your neighbors to remove all valuables from their vehicles and use exterior lighting to deter these types of crimes. The word is out that Brentwood residents leave valuables in their cars overnight and many leave their vehicles unlocked!

* * *
Mark Wood
D.A.R.E./Crime Prevention